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    American Kenel Club Member - Toy Poodle

    About Toy and Miniature Poodles

    For many centuries, the Poodle and the Barbet were the same breed. This dog was used to guard sheep and goats, in addition to hunting wild birds. Around the 16th century, they gradually began to differentiate. During the 16th and 18th centuries, breeders started to cross the size Poodles with the smaller standards, in order to obtain the Dwarf Poodle. Dwarf Poodles were still being popularized when breeders decided to create an even smaller dog, the Toy Poodle.

    Although the breed has existed for many years, it was only officially recognized in 1984 – quickly and intensely popularizing around the world. Although it is known that a series of crosses between the dogs of the Poodle breed was what gave rise to the smallest puppies of the breed, until today it is not known for sure which was the country of origin of the first Toy; there is a great conflict between France and Germany in this regard – since, even though the Poodle breed is recognized as German, some argue that the appearance of the Toy version occurred in French territory. In you want a Toy Poodle, contact us.


    Like all Poodles, the Toy Poodle is faithful, attached to its owner and can sometimes go so far as to follow him everywhere. He is playful, cheerful, very intelligent and observant, he is able to learn a lot and really quickly. Sometimes you can bark in the presence of strangers or when you are left alone at home, as it is very protective – however, as mentioned earlier, your level of jealousy towards owners and people closest to the family is not as great as those of the larger versions of the breed.

    Despite this, his defense and protection instincts are as high as those of any other Poodle size, and barking can, in fact, be a problem in the life of anyone who has a Toy Poodle as part of the family. That is why it is essential that dog breeders of this specific breed seek ways to train and train their pets from the time they are still puppies so that there are no excessive barking throughout the rest of their life – taking advantage of the high level of intelligence and learning ability of this animal to resolve this issue right from the start.

    Very sociable, the Toy Poodle is very easy to make friends with people of all types of personality and age; being, still, easily conquered by other dogs or animals of other species, with who likes to play for hours.

    Even though it is a very active dog, due to its small size, the Toy Poodle does not need very tight or extreme exercises; since your small body can spend the energy it needs to stay healthy and well with the simple help of a walk a day. Being small, this dog may have his need for physical activities ignored by some tutors; however, this is a serious mistake – since, without the possibility of spending all its accumulated energy, this animal may be more prone to develop different behavioral problems.